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Vintage Doll Patterns

8" Dolls and Under
Small dolls including Ella's Doll and Maggie Raggie
9" to 12" Dolls
Several dolls by Laura Wheeler, Ella, Alice Brooks. Also Dolly Dingle, pixies, a cowboy doll, Godey dolls, and several other small dolls.
13" to 15" Dolls
This page has a Kewpie doll pattern, slip cover doll pattern, Alice Brooks patterns, Laura Wheeler dolls, old fashion dressed dolls, an awake/asleep doll, an Edith Flack doll, a bride doll, and more.
16" to 17" Dolls
I've listed a couple of my original doll patterns on this page.  There's also Little Women dolls, Betsy McCall, a pair of nautical dolls, grandma & grandpa dolls, a doll in a raincoat, a flapper doll, a Gibson Girl, and more.
18" to 19" Dolls
You can find a Betty Boop doll pattern on this page, along with Alice in Wonderland, a pillowcase doll, and a couple more of my original designs plus other patterns.
20" and taller Dolls
Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs are on this page, along with a 3-faced doll, a couple of balerina dolls, a dancehall girl, a Raggedy Brother & Sister pattern, and more.

Vintage Doll Clothes Patterns

8" and under Doll Clothes
Several Betsy McCall patterns, Ginny, Muffy, and Alexanderkins patterns, Lingerie Lou Dresses, and more.
9" to 12" Doll Clothes
Godey patterns, historic Civil War clothes, colonial clothes, Ginny & Muffie clothes, Shirley Temple doll clothes, Tammy, Skipper, Pepper, & Jan clothes, Betsy Wetsy, Tiny Tears, and other doll clothes patterns.
13" to 20" Doll Clothes
On this page, there are Chatty Cathy, Dy Dee, Toni Walker, Shirley Temple, Chatty Baby, a male doll wardrobe, an Ann Adams pattern, Crissy Doll clothes, and lots more.
21" and Larger Doll Clothes
McCalls doll dress pattern and a Chatty Cathy wardrobe pattern.

Barbie Doll Clothes Patterns
Lots of patterns for 11-1/2" to 12" teen fashion dolls such as Barbie, Ken, Farrah, and Tammy.

Baby Dolls Patterns
Baby doll patterns in many sizes.

Mannequin Doll Clothes Patterns
Fashiondol Mannequin wardrobe patterns.

Boudoir Doll Patterns
Various sized Boudoir doll patterns.

Topsy-Turvy Doll Patterns
Topsies are old favorites and this page offers many different ones.

Cartoon & Storybook Doll Patterns
Mary Poppins, Holly Hobby, Mad Tea Party, Pooh Bear, and many other patterns.

Sock Doll Patterns
Patterns for dolls and animals - even a bird!

Puppet Patterns
Doll puppets, animal puppets, owl puppet, and even a caterpillar puppet.

Stuffed Animal
Toy Patterns - Page 1

Bunnies, Lion, elephant, pig, monkey, cows, a bull, a bull dog, and more stuffed animal patterns.

Stuffed Animal
Toy Patterns - Page 2

Puppy, Koala bears, poodle, mouse and more patterns for stuffed animals.

Holiday & Seasonal Patterns
Santa, a Leprechaun, angels, rabbits, mice and more.

Household Patterns - Page 1
Mixer covers, pajama bags, toaster covers, toilet tissue covers, pincushions, quilt patterns, etc.

Household Patterns - Page 2
Potholders, a tea cozy, pajama bag, toaster covers, etc.

Knitted & Crocheted Patterns
Crochet dog, doilies, crocheted animals, crocheted dolls, knitted and crocheted doll clothes, etc.

Miscellaneous Patterns
Pattern for doll furniture, Christmas socks, doll cradle, dog sweaters, baby bibs, doll hats, etc.

Free Patterns

 Sock Elephant Pattern
Instructions to cut an elephant from a pair of Red Heel Socks.

Sock Monkey Pattern
Instructions to cut a monkey from a pair of Red Heel Socks.

10" Cherub Doll Pattern
Instructions and pattern pieces to make a cherub doll from my original pattern.

Knit Raggedy Ann & Andy
Knitting instructions to make a 16" Raggedy Ann and a 16" Raggedy Andy Doll.

Crocheted Raggedy Ann & Andy
Crochet instructions to make 20" Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls

Milk Filter Disk Dolls Pattern
Instructions to make 5 different Milk Filter Disk Dolls and hints on how to make your own filters.