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Dolls 20" and Larger
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Snow White
Snow White & the
 7 Dwarfs      
Snow White is
approx. 22"  tall;
the dwarfs are
approx.12" tall

Pattern #147
Price:  $2.50
Snow White & the Dwarfs

Doll in Mop Cap
Doll in a Mop Cap
 Approx. 22" tall
Pattern #240
Price:  $2.50
Mop Cap Doll
Papier Mache Dolls

23" Papier Mache

The dolls have cloth bodies
and papier mache heads.

Pattern #395
Price:  $2.50
Papier Mache Dolls

Pigtail Doll
Pigtail Doll
Approx. 22" tall
Body and legs are one
piece with sewn on arms
and head.  Head is made using
3 pattern pieces. Pattern
includes instructions to make
the doll, her clothes,
and her shoes.
Pattern #535
Price $2.50
Pigtail Doll
25" Country Girl
25" Country Girl
Wig is crocheted using
yarn and then woven.
No pattern pieces for
body, dress, pantaloons,
or petticoat. The instructions
explain how to cut fabric
& make these parts of the doll.

Pattern #316
Price $2.50
25 Country Girl

Mermaid Pillow
Mermaid Petal

Approx. 24" tall
Includes instructions
and pattern pieces to make
the doll.

Pattern #492
Price  $2.50
Mermaid Petal Doll Pillow

3 Faced Doll
3 Faced Doll
Approx. 21" tall
This adorable rag doll
is made of cloth and has
3 faces on one head.
Any one face can show
while the other two are
covered by her hood.
The little hooded PJ pattern
is included in the pattern.
Pattern #493
Price  $2.50
3 Faced Doll

Mary and Lamb
Mary and Her Lamb
Approx. 21" tall
Pattern and instructions for Mary
and Her Little Lamb. Doll is
made of  muslin. The lamb
is made of muslin and
covered in yarn. Also includes
patterns for dress, pantaloons, hat,
and shoes.
Pattern #523
Price $2.50
Mary and her Lamb

27in Ballerina
Ballerina Doll
Approx. 27" tall
Includes instructions and
patterns to make the doll,
her ballet outfit, and
her shoes.
Pattern #547
Price $2.50
27in Ballerina Doll

Angel Boy
Little Angel Boy
21" tall
Includes the pattern and
instructions to make the doll,
his wings, smock, jeans,
sandals, halo, & slingshot.
Pattern #542
Price $2.50

Angel Boy
22in Victorian Lady
Victorian Lady
22" tall
Instructions & patterns to
make the doll, her skirt,
jacket, bustle, camisole,
panties, petticoat, wig,
shoes & purse.
Pattern #550
Price $2.50
22in Victorian Lady

Dancehall Kate
22" Dancehall Girl
Pattern #159
Price:  $2.50
Dance Hall Girl

22" Beth
Pattern #173
Price $2.50
20 in Ballerina Doll
20" Ballerina Doll
c. 1940's
Includes instructions &
patterns to make the bodice,
panties, and shoes.  The skirt
is cut from net and is
embellished with beads
& sequins.  The doll has
jointed arms.
Pattern #485
Price:  $2.50
Ballerina Doll

Raggedy Brother / Sister
Raggedy Brother
& Sister

Approx. 20" tall
Pattern #451
Price:  $2.50

Raggedy Brother & Sister
Scarecrow Doll
Scarecrow Doll
20" tall
Pattern #202
Price:  $2.50
Scarecrow Doll
25" Peggy Doll
Instructions and patterns to make
the doll, her dress, bloomers, socks,
and shoes.  Also explains how to make
her hair bow from eyelet fabric.
Pattern #614
Price $2.50
Peggy Doll
Toilet Tissue Cover 
1999 Gail Kellison
17" tall when sitting. 
from the top of her head
to the bottom of her tail. 

A cute little doll that will decorate
your bathroom and be the
perfect cover up for that
roll of
toilet tissue. 
She has painted, button eyes,
yarn hair,
jointed arms, and
a simple sculpted face.
  This doll is one I offered as a
class a few years ago and am
now offering as a pattern.  It
comes with detailed instructions.

  Pattern #601
   Price $2.50

Child Doll
21" Child Doll
Instructions and patterns
for the doll, her dress,
underclothes, socks, and
shoes. The doll head is made
using 4 pattern pieces.
Pattern #617
Price $2.50
Child Doll

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