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Sock Elephant
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Sock Elephant

Sock Elephant
Sock Elephant 3

There are no pattern pieces for the elephant.  The pictures 
show how the pieces are to be cut from each sock and sewn together.
  1. One pair of Red Heel Socks (Rockford Red Heel Socks of Osage, Iowa are the best socks to use.  Places that sell them can be found on the internet.)
  2. Polyester Fiberfil



Cut 3½" off rib of sock.  Starting 3" from the heel, sew a 1/8" seam on each side of the center line and across the end of the ribbing.  Cut the sock between the seams and about 1½" farther to make an opening for the stuffing.  Turn sock right side out.

Head and Body: 
To shape the head, stuff foot of sock nice and plump and tie off loosely at the neck with ribbon.  Insert 1½" circles of cardboard in feet and stuff.  Finish stuffing, sew legs and slit in the crotch, making one seam on underside of the body and the other up toward the tail.

Cut the second sock as shown, about 5" long.  Turn inside out, seam along one side and across the foot.  Insert pieces of cardboard in feet, stuff, and attach near the front of the body.

Cut off complete heel from the second sock.  Stuff it lightly and sew it to the head.  Stitch across the center to shape the mouth.

Open flat strip of sock so it is about 1" wide at one end and 6" at the other.  Round the wide end.  Fold in half lengthwise, inside out, and seam along one edge and around the narrow end.  To bend and hold the trunk in various positions insert a piece of wire (or a chenille stem) through the length of the trunk. 

For each ear, cut two pieces in the shape of the ears.  Seam and turn right-side out.  Sew on even with the highest point of the trunk.

Sew on buttons, wiggle eyes, or felt pieces for eyes.   For small children, it is best to embroider eyes on the head using black embroidery floss. 

Make a short roll of the material and sew into place.

Trim is optional, but a cute way to dress up the elephant is to place a fringed strip of bright material over his back.  Tassels can then be sewn to the material.  Rickrack, little bells, ribbons or beads will give an even more festive, circus-like appearance to the elephant.


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