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Knitted and Crocheted Patterns
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Yorkshire Terrier

Crocheted Dog
No size is given, but it
like it is close
to lifesize.

Pattern #204

Price: $2.50

Yorkshire Terrier

Crocheted Peacocks
Chair Set - 1946

 Laura Wheeler
Design to crochet a
Peacock Chair Set. 
Twin peacocks
make the chair back;
pineapple stitch adorns
 the arm rests. The chair
back finishes to 13" x 17";
the arm rests are each
7 x 10.5".

Pattern #225
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Peacocks

Crocheted Doilies
 3 Crocheted

1946 American Weekly 
pattern. Instructions to
crochet 3 different
doilies in 3 sizes. The sizes
range from 7.75" to
14.5" across.
Pattern #227
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Doilies
 Crocheted Animals
Lion, Giraffe,
& Dragon Set
Pattern #192
Price: $2.50
Lion, Giraffe, & Dragon

Rabbit & Lamb

and Lamb
Each one is 8" tall
Pattern #138
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Rabbit & Lamb

Crocheted Managerie

(camel, zebra, 
unicorn, giraffe)
Pattern #190

Price: $2.50
Crocheted Menagerie

 Knitted Doll
Approx. 22" tall
with knitted wardrobe 
and teddy bear.
Pattern #132
Price: $2.50
Knitted Doll

Lady T.P. Cover
Crocheted Lady  
T.P. Cover-Up

  According to the description,
"This pretty lady is a very
decorative cover-up for
that extra roll of tissue
 in the bathroom, or for a hair-rolder
canister for the bedroom." Includes
 instructions to make  both sizes.
Pattern #216
Price: $2.50
Crocheted T.P. Cover-Up


Pattern #191
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Buffalo

Mary's Dollies
Mary's Dollies
Vol. 12

Four  patterns from
Mary Hoyer's booklet -
Vol.12. Includes  The
Westerner (knitted), Travel
Costume (crocheted),
and Dutch Treat
along with knitted Swimming Suit.

Pattern #327
Price: $2.50
Marys Dollies Vol. 12

Toaster Doll
Crocheted Toaster 
Cover Doll
Original Alice Brooks
The doll's body
is made from
cloth with embroidered
There are detailed
and illustrations
for making the
hair and crocheting
the dress.

Pattern #205
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Doll
Mary's Dollies Vol 5
Mary's Dollies
Vol. 5

Contains 4 knitted outfits -
princess dress & beret,
ski suit, bathing outfit, & sport
suit. Also has 2 crocheted
outfits - skating outfit and
party dress. These fit  the
14" Mary Hoyer doll.
Pattern #392
Price: $2.50
Marys Dollies Vol. 5

Farm Animals
Knitted Farm

 Rooster, Hen, Horse,
Cow, and Ducks are knitted
and trimmed with felt
scraps.  Ducklings and
chicks are made
with pompoms.
Pattern #407
Price: $2.50
Knitted Farm Animals

Mary's Dollies Vol 9
Mary's Dollies
Vol. 9

Contains both crocheted
& knitted outfits -
party dress, outfit shown
(the cover), a dress &
hat, tennis dress, evening
jacket, and a snood. 
Also has a sewn
skirt and panties.
Pattern #393
Price: $2.50
Marys Dollies Vol. 9

Crocheted Cowboy Hat
Crocheted Cowboy

Made using yarn.
Includes instructions for
increasing or decreasing
hat size to fit any size
Pattern #408
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Cowboy Hat

Tom & Becky
Tom & Becky
Approx. 20" tall
Darling knitted dolls
with some crocheted
accessories (such as
shoes & hats).
Pattern #479
Price: $2.50
Tom & Becky Knitted Dolls

Irish Miss
Irish Miss
Approx. 19" tall
Crochet the doll, her hat,
and her dress suit.

Pattern #541
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Irish Miss

Hat & Scarf
Crocheted Scarf
& Hat

Made using only single
crochet.  Nice and warm!
Pattern #480
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Hat & Scarf

Crocheted Popeye
Crocheted Popeye
21" Tall
Pattern #514
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Popeye Doll
Crocheted Doll PJ Bag
Crocheted Bed Doll
Vintage 1951
A pretty little lady to help keep
a girls room neat. Under her full
skirt there is a pouch to
put pajamas.

Pattern #561
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Bed Doll

Crocheted Olive Oyl
Crocheted Olive Oyl
22" Tall
Pattern #515
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Olive Oyl

Tom and Jerry

Tom & Jerry
1960's vintage knitting
pattern for Tom & Jerry
stuffed toys.
The pattern does not give
the finished size.
Pattern #562
Price: $2.50
Tom & Jerry Knitted Toys

Crocheted Swans
heted Swan
Plant Holder
or Centerpiece
Crochet pattern makes a decorative
swan planter you can use as a
centerpiece or as a hanging
display.  It is recommended
for artificial plants. Probably not
sturdy enough to hold a live plant.
Made with crochet cotton, 7-1/2"
high and 14" long. the neck is
stuffed and wired to hold its
shape, beak is made of felt and
pattern piece for cutting is included.

Pattern #563
Price $2.50

Crocheted Swan Plant Hanger

Crocheted Ginny Clothes
 Ginny Wardrobe 7
for 7
-1/2"  to 8" dolls
Instructions to knit a
sweater, skirt, shorts, &
mittens.  Crochet instructions
for dress and hat. Pattern
pieces to sew a blouse
and petticoat.
Contains no doll pattern.
Pattern #587
Price: $2.50
Ginny Wardrobe 7

Small Crocheted Animals
Small Crocheted

Bear is 4" tall; Lion is 3"
tall; and the Elephant
is 3" tall.  Uses single
crochet and a 1/0 hook.
Pattern calls for 3 table tennis
balls because each head is
 crocheted over one of
the balls.
Pattern #623
Price: $2.50
Small Crocheted Animals

Crocheted Cape
Crocheted Cape
Cape crocheted of 4 ply
yarn in easy shell stitch
pattern.  Includes instructions
for Misses sizes 10 - 20.
Pattern #615
Price: $2.50
Crocheted Cape

Goldilocks & Bears
Crocheted Goldilocks
& the 3 Bears

Goldilocks is 13" tall.  The three
bears are 14", 16", and 18" tall.
They all have single crochet bodies
and are then dressed in double cro-
chet clothes.
Pattern #624
Price: $2.50
Goldilocks & the Bears

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