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Miscellaneous Patterns
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Christmas Socks
Set of Christmas

from 1955 Workbasket
magazine Large boots are
approx. 8" tall,
small boot

is approx. 3" tall.
 Pattern #130
Price:  $2.50
Christmas Socks

Victorian Furniture
Victorian Dollhouse

Includes instructons for
furniture, curtains, Persian
 rug, & even
the little lamp.

Pattern #146

Price:  $2.50
Victorian Furniture
Soap Dolls
Victorian Soap

approx. 15" tall
Carved using Ivory Soap.
Body is paper -mache
over wire.

Pattern #103

Price:  $2.50
Victorian Soap Dolls

Fabric Flowers
Fabric Flowers
6 different flowers.
  From Family Weekly. 
Contains patterns and
instructions to make:
Carnations, Silk Poppy,
Wild Roses, Baby's Breath,
and Daisy. Also includes
recipe to make sizing
solution and directions for
wiring the leaves
and shaping leaves and petals.
Pattern #222
Price:  $2.50
Fabric Flowers
Doll Cradle
Baby Doll Cradle
 Vintage mail order pattern.
It includes instructions for
 the Cradle, Coverlet, Hood/
Canopy and Pillow with
the Lamb design for
decoration. It 
will hold up to a 14" baby
doll. The pattern calls for
a wooden fruit basket bottom,
two wooden hoops, a mop
 handle, plus fabric, nails,
screws, and tacks

Pattern #270
Price:  $2.50
Doll Cradle
Baby Shoes
Baby Shoes, Sandals,
Vamps Pattern

- 3 styles 
 Redline pattern and
 instructions to make Baby
Shoes in 3 styles.

Pattern #226
Price:  $2.50
Baby Shoes

Dog Sweaters
Dog Sweaters
Includes instructions for both
a knitted and a crocheted
sweater in sizes 10 to 18.
Also explains how to
determine the size needed
for the dog.
Pattern #498
Price:  $2.50
Dog Sweaters

Christmas Mice
Christmas Mice

Instructions & patterns to
make 3 adorable little
mice ornaments. Each is
4" to 5" tall.  Make them
from cloth or felt.
Pattern #495

Price:  $2.50
Christmas Mice Ornaments

Doll House Furniture 2
Doll House
Furniture for

4" to 7" Dolls
1940 McCall pattern to
make doll furniture for
dolls 4 to 7 inches tall, and
a bassinet for smaller dolls.
Includes: Bassinet, Dressing
Table and Stool, Chair and

Ottoman, Sofa, and Bed.
Pattern #348
Price:  $2.50
Doll House Furniture

How to Dress a Doll
Godey How To
Dress A Doll

This booklet contains no
pattern pieces. It offers diagrams
and instruction for cutting
fabric to make doll clothes. 
Also,  includes instructions
and diagrams to make doll
furniture. It's different, but very

Pattern #378
Price:  $2.50
Godey Dress A Doll

Baby Animal Bibs for
Babies or Dolls
1949  pattern to make three
toddler or doll bibs

Pattern #344

Price:  $2.50
Baby Animal  Bibs
Ella's Bonnets

Ella's Bonnets
6 different hats circa 1860's. 
The pattern does not tell what
size doll they fit, but it looks to
be a 12" to 14" doll.  They could
be easily enlarged or reduced.
There aren't a lot of instructions,
but they look to be simple to put
together & each pattern piece
tells where to attach
to the other pattern pieces.
Pattern #532
Price:  $2.50
Ellas Bonnets
Sleeping Bag

 Little Girl's Sleeping Bag
Completed bag measures
34" wide x 67" long.

Use washable cotton or cotton
for the sleeping bag, poly-
ester quilt batting for the lining,
and bias binding to finish the edges.
 Rug yarn is used for her hair &
embroidery floss for the facial
features. Pattern explains how to
use outgrown children's
clothes for the doll's outfit.
Pattern #616
Price:  $2.50
Little Girls Sleeping Bag
Size Chart

Doll Pattern Size Chart
Shown is a sample page, but
the charts come filled in with the
measurements for over 50
different dolls.  Also included
are blank charts for adding
more dolls of your own. 
Pattern #566
Price:  $2.50
Doll Size Chart

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