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Doll Clothes 13" to 20"
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1880's Doll Dress
1880's Doll Dress 
for an 18" doll. 
40 year old pattern.  No doll
pattern included.
instructions for
wire bustle,
underskirt, basque, petticoat,
drawers, and corset
Pattern #77
Price $2.50

1880 Bustle Back Dress

618 18" Clothes
17" - 20" Chatty Cathy

The wardrobe will fit dolls
with an 11-3/4" chest such as
Chatty Cathy, Tiny Tears, and
Baby First Step.
Pattern #618
Price $2.50
Chatty Cathy Wardrobe
Godey Bustle Dress
Godey Bustle
Back Dress

1875 - 1885
Fits 18" - 20" Doll
No doll pattern
Pattern #78
Price $2.50
Godey Bustle Back Dress
Doll Layette #1
Baby Doll Layette #1
A wardrobe of clothes for 13"
DyDee type dolls.
Pattern #368
Price $2.50
Baby Doll Layette #1
Tony Walker Doll Wardrobe
Toni Walker Doll
Wardrobe Pattern
Wardrobe for a 14 1/2" Toni
Walker doll. "Simple
to Make" wardrobe
Pattern #346
Price $2.50
Toni Walker  Doll Wardrobe

1800's Empire Dress
Colonial Lady's
Empire Waist Dress

c. 1800
Dress fits a 14" - 15" doll.
Pattern #382
Price $2.50
Empire Waist Dress

619 Toddler Clothes
18" Toddler Doll

The wardrobe will fit dolls
with an 11-1/2" chest such as
Giggles, Katie, Chatty Cathy.
Pattern #619
Price $2.50
Toddler Doll Clothes
18" High Heel Doll Wardrobe
High Heel Doll

for 18" Dolls
Designed for dolls such as
Revlon, Toni sophisticated,
Cindy, Missy, Junior Miss.
Pattern #496
Price $2.50
Hi Heel Doll Wardrobe

18" Toddler Clothes
Wardrobe for 18"
Toddler Dolls

Fits all dolls with an 11"
chest.  Such as Susie
Sunshine, Baby First Step,
Goody Two Shoes, and
other American Girl-type
Pattern #620
Price $2.50
18 Toddler Wardrobe

16in. Shirley Wardrobe      
1930s Movie Doll

Wardrobe - Size 16”
Pattern #431
Price $2.50
1930s Movie Star Wardrobe

Colonial Man Outfit
Colonial Man's Outfit
c. 1780
Clothes fit 18" - 20" doll.
Pattern #383
Price $2.50
Colonial Man Outfit

Jacket Dress

Circa 1883
Jacket Dress

Fits 18" - 19" Doll
Pattern #71
Price $2.50
Jacket Dress
French Dress
French Dress
A beautiful dress that
fits a 16" doll.
Circa 1882
Pattern #449
Price $2.50
French Dress
15" Doll Wardrobe
Chatty Baby

Fits 15" Doll
Pattern #437
Price $2.50
Chatty Baby Wardrobe

Toddler Wardrobe
Baby & Toddler

Darling clothes for
small 12" - 16" dolls.
Such as - Cheerful Tearful,
Snugglebun, & Baby

Pattern #473
Price $2.50
Chatty Baby Wardrobe

Pioneer Dress
Pioneer Dress
Circa 1872.  Fits an 18" doll.
Pattern #448
Price $2.50
Pioneer Dress

Nurse Shirley
World War II Red
Cross Nurse
plus others. Pattern fits
composition 18" dolls such
as Shirley Temple, Little Lady,
and Horsman.

Pattern #432
Price $2.50
18 in. Doll Wardrobe

Toni Dollclothes
Toni Doll Clothes
1950's clothes pattern for 16"
Toni dolls and similar size dolls.
Includes instructions and patterns
to make a western outfit with hat
and boots, majorette outfit with
hat and boots, southern belle
dress with hat, and also a
slip and panties.

Pattern #564
Price $2.50
16 in. Toni Doll Clothes

15" Shirley Clothes
1930's Shirley Temple
Snow White costume
for 15" doll.
Instructions and pattern to make
clothes for the Shirley Temple
or other similar dolls. This
pattern makes a Snow White
dress, cape, apron, slip and
. The dress has the
classic Snow White puffed
sleeves with the contrasting
appliques. The bodice drops
to a v-waist and the skirt is
gathered. Also included is the
cape with a collar that stands
in the back. There are two
variations of the costume. One
has a contrasting bodice and
does not have insets in the sleeve.
It has an apron added to the outfit.
Pattern #569
Price $2.50
Shirley Temple Snow White

Male Clothes
 Male Doll Wardrobe
Fits 17" doll
Circa 1930's
An old and rare pattern!
Includes instructions and patterns
for a coat, shirt, suit (trousers
& jacket #1), cap, riding
outfit (jacket #2, vest,
jodhpurs & scarf), beret,
pajamas & a robe.
Pattern #568
Price $2.50
Male Doll Wardrobe

14" Shirley Clothes
Shirley Temple Doll

for 14" doll
Instructions and patterns to
make a dress, bolero, pinafore,
coat, cap, gown, housecoat,
nightcap, petticoat, & panties.
Pattern #570
Price $2.50
Shirley Temple 14in Doll Clothes

High Heel Doll Wardrobe
 15" High Heel Doll

for dolls such as Missy, Cindy,
Miss Revlon, & Sweet Sue.
Includes instructions & patterns for
jacket, skirt, petticoat, leotard, tutu,
gown, coat, bra, and  panties.

Pattern #573
Price $2.50
15in High Heel Doll Wardrobe

15" DyDee Clothes


Circa 1956
Fits DyDee, Betsy Wetsy,
Tiny Tears, & others.
Outfits include a shorter length
dress and bonnet;
longer length
and bonnet; sacque;
nightgown; overall and sun
bonnet; bib; and shorter
 length slip.
Pattern #576
Price $2.50
11in DyDee Doll Clothes
14" Betsy Wardrobe
 Anne Adams Wardrobe
14" Betsy McCall
Circa 1954
Fits Betsy McCall, Toni
and other dolls with a
7" chest. Pattern and
instructions to make
Cowgirl Outfit (Shirt, Skirt,
Bolero, Boots & Hat).
A long dance dress with
bow in the back. A dress
with contrasting bodice
and puff sleeves. Along
with a long slip, short slip,
and panties.

Pattern #589
Price $2.50
14in Ann Adams Wardrobe

Crissy Wardrobe
  Crissy Doll Wardrobe
Patterns & instructions for a
wardrobe for Crissy and other
16" to 21" dolls.  Clothes will
fit dolls with a chest of 10",
a waist of 9-1/2", and hips 9-3/4".
Includes two dresses, jacket,
pants, panties, coat, robe,
and nightgown.
Pattern #625
Price $2.50
Crissy Wardrobe

Crissy 8519

Crissy Wardrobe

Instructions and pattern pieces to
make two dresses, blouse, jumper,
bra, pants and coat for 17-1/2"
teen dolls.
Pattern #629
Price $2.50
Crissy Wardrobe
15in Shirley Clothes

Wardrobe for 15" Shirley
Ann Estelle,
Bitty Bethany, etc.

1958 pattern.

Includes instructions and patterns
to make a dress with square
neck, a dresswith pleated
skirt, middy blouse,
tapered pants, dress with
gathered skirt, a long dress,
a nightgown, and
a coat and hat.

Pattern #593
Price $2.50
15in Shirley Wardrobe

630 Crissy

17-1/2" Crissy
Leisure Wardrobe

Includes instructions and
patterns for 3 dresses, a
blazer, pants, shorts,
and blouses.

Pattern #630
Price $2.50
Crissy Leisure Wardrobe

Chubby Baby Wardrobe

Chubby Baby

for 17" to 18 1/2"  Dolls
with chest sizes 11" to 14".
Dolls such as Betsy Wetsy, Baby
First Step, and Honeybun.
Includes pattern & instructions to
make all the clothes shown
in the picture.

Pattern #632
Price $2.50
Chubby Doll Wardrobe


Baby and Toddler

for 14" - 18" dolls
1969 McCalls pattern 2157 for
Chubby Baby and Toddler Dolls.
Includes dress, vest, bonnet, robe,
nightgown, coat, and panties.
Fits Betsy Wetsy, Baby Magic,
Baby's Hungry, Giggles, Dydee
Darlin and other dolls
with similar measurements.
Pattern #634
Price $2.50
14 to 18 Baby and Toddler Doll Wardrobe

19in Doll Wardrobe
for 19" Dolls

1951 pattern for dolls with an
8-3/4" waist.  Includes patterns
and instructions for a bolero, with
matching beret, and puff sleeve
blouse; sleeveless ruffled edged
dress with matching hat; sleeveless
long evening gown; long slip; car-
riage cover (blanket) and pillow
slip; a cowgirl outfit with shirt
and skirt, hat, boots, and even
a holster! This pattern is for a
more slender fashion doll such as:
Betsy McCall (American Charac-
ter), Miss Revlon, Sweet Sue,
and a slender Shirley Temple.
Pattern # 643
Price $2.50
19in Slender Doll Wardrobe

16" Style Doll Clothes
for 16" Dolls
Darling, hard to find pattern for
16" doll clothes.
  Includes patterns
and instructions to make dresses, a
cape,  pinafore, top, panties, tunic,
and trousers.
Pattern #641
Price $2.50
Wardrobe for 16 Doll

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