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Stuffed Animals - Page 2
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Mouse Ballerina
18" Mouse Ballerina
 Pattern includes jointed
mouse, leotard, tutu,
headpiece, and slippers.

Pattern #208
Price  $2.50
Ballerina Mouse
Stuffed Puppy
Soft Toy

10 tall x 13" long
Pattern #134
Price  $2.50
Puppy Soft Toy
Koala Bear Boy & Girl
Koala Bear
Boy & Girl


12" jointed Koala Bears, 
Pattern #209
Price  $2.50
Koala Boy & Girl

Mr. Frog
Mr. Frog
This is a 1946 pattern and
it never did come with any
pattern pieces- only pictures to
show you how to draw them
on the fabric.  I have
enlarged the pieces.  There are
now pattern pieces included
to make both a 12" frog & a
24" frog.

Pattern #503
Price  $2.50
Mr. Frog

Stuffed Poodle
French Poodle
Stuffed Toy

11" tall

Pattern #242
Price  $2.50

  French Poodle

Bonnet Babies
12" Animal

Pattern and instructions to
make a puppy, a kitten, and
a chimp.

Pattern #251
Price  $2.50
Baby Animals
Bag of Toys
 Clown, Elephant, Cat,
      Dog, & Carrying Bag
Kitten is 9" tall,
Clown is 11" tall,
  Dog is 6
  tall, and
Elephant is 9
Pattern #53
Price  $2.50
Toys with Carrying Bag

Winnie the Pooh
Pooh & Friends
Winnie sits approx. 13"tall.
Eeyore & Tigger are about
14" long without tails.
Kanga is 14" tall, Roo is 6"
tall, & Piglet is 10" tall.
Pattern #79
Price  $2.50
Winnie The Pooh & Friends
Hound and Bears
Super Hound Dog
& Koala Bears

Vintage pattern from
1970 Woman's Day.
No sizes are given for them
but it looks like the Hound
Dog & Mamma Koala
are about 12" tall and
the baby Koala Bear looks
to be about 6" tall.
Pattern #649
Price  $2.50
Super Hound & Koala Bears

Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf and
The Three Little Pigs
A copy of McCalls #2292
pattern. �1958
The Wolf is 15" high and each
pig is 8" high.  Pattern calls for
size 13 men's work socks, but there
are actual pattern pieces, so they
can be made from other knit fabric,
 felt, or fleece.
Pattern #249
Price $2.50

The Big Bad Wolf and the 3 Little Pigs

American Eagle
American Eagle
Approx. 12" tall
Includes Pattern and instructions.
Made of fur and felt.
Pattern #622
Price  2.50
American Eagle

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